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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 24, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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freshly-baked cheddar bay biscuits. seafood lunches starting at just $6.99 that fit into your budget and your lunch hour. only at red lobster. >>neil: and day six of operation "odyssey dawn," welcome, everyone. military operations in libya continuing to escalate and 330 missions so far. french war plane today taking out a libyan training jet and the u.s., france and britain all taking a lead role so far. but, but, but, just two arab jets are in the region along with two of their transport planes but we do not know if they are being used and no sign of the 24 jets promised and pulled by the united arab emirates and secretary of state, hillary clinton is satisfied but
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author of "the coming revolution," and expert on the middle east is not satisfied. these are the folks, the arab league that said to a nation, you have to do something about libya, we are behind you when you do, and they're not. what is going on? >>guest: that is the problem, the arab league asked the united nations and asked us and the europeans to intervene yet the arab league has huge resources. we are spending $100 million, i guess, each day on this operation and there are billions of petro dollars and more important you spoke about qatar with two planes are more and you have three other amendments that are allies, why were they not asked. >>neil: they were among the nations include will bahrain, algeria, egypt, jordan, kuwait,
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lebanon, libya, but they all said and nothing they promised they would do, they have kind of left us naked. >> it happened also in sudan, a john side in sudan and a member of the arab league and in libya, and they are going after their own society, but these arab countries, bureaucracies go to the united nations and when the tests come, they are stuck with nato, there was criticism from the arab league to nato, what are you doing. it is a problem. >>neil: what do we do in the snout i could have predicted this outcome. we do something, when they say we do, and now we pay for it. rumsfeld wrote as much in his best seller about others being
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leery to participate against saddam after the fact. should we take it as a given that some something erupts we are on our own? >>guest: many things are going to to to erupt. our diplomacy should sit down with the arab leaders and ask, if you go to the security council and you request the international committee to intervene what are you going to offer. it has to be done. even publicly. >>neil: the united arab emirates were not involved and may not get involved in the libyan mess and that is our behavior and our policy toward bahrain; that we are not recognizing the fact that iran is involved. if that were true and i have no reason to doubt there is not some truth to it, what does that possibly have to do with
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withholding support in libya? >> there are two groups of arab countries concerned about iranian progress which is visible in bahrain, they are behind some activities in northern yemen and eastern saudi arabia. the arab countries producing and are puzzled, why go do libya if the threat is coming from across the waters in iran. and the other arab countries are busy. yemen with their problems and egypt does not have a government. and tunisia is trying to have one. it is not easy for the abe -- arab league. the arab league has to be reformed. the revolutions are hitting the government and they need to reform the arab league. that is what i recommend. >>neil: you are for more diplomatic than i. thank you very much, my friend. your tax dollars going to muammar qaddafi? you bet, $900,000 for peace and
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security in 2011 and another $1.7 million planned for the new fiscal year and it is not just libya, more than $2 billion in aid going to a lot of the same countries where you see a lot of the same protests and this has to stop. if anything, we are upping everything. >>guest: could you walk into a store where it says you break it buy it. that will happen if libya, we will spend a lot of money to intervene and i guarantee assuming muammar qaddafi winds up gone we will spend, i am sure, several billion dollars on foreign aid to rebuild the country. we have to wonder --. >>neil: some of the other countries very rich countries. why are we giving money to countries that are already loaded? >>guest: because that is the way uncle sucker behaves. we are like the pay master of the world. now, maybe 25 years ago when there was a cold war it could make sense to bribe a developing
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country to be on the u.s. side rather than soviet side, but, now, we do one bad thing after another and we are intervening, causing probably ill will, and, then, when the process is over we will be the ones subsidizing the new sewer systems and infrastructure and giving money to the politicians that will probably wiped up in bank accounts in new york, anyway and not go to the people. >>neil: this is like giving a coupon to the billionaire who might say "thank you you very everyone," but will probably not use it and as we found with hosni mubarak, a lot of it just impose do him. why do we perpetuate the notion that foreign aid buys foreign influence? >>guest: no idea. if you look at foreign aid budget of the united states and look at voting records of those countries at the u.n. with the, exception of israel, the big 14 aid recipient universally vote
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against the u.s. 50 percent of the time not like i think the u.n. resolutions matter but these are countries that are not friendly. we know from research that foreign aid undermines economic development because it strengthens government intervention when they really need free marks and economic liberty. >>neil: but the hostility that we see, you go back to tunisia, later on, extending to -- in the course of events all of the nations and particularly the oil producing nations have gotten richer and the price of oil has soared north of 25 percent so just since libya unrest alone we have seen that. any lesson, any reminders? >>guest: iraq has a lot of oil but look at the money the u.s. has spent, the rebuilding and all things happening in a country that has a lot of oil wealth. so, it is a bizarre cycle where we send them money for oil, we
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send them tax dollars for rebuilding and the iraq government is so corrupt that it does not benefit the iraqi people. foreign aid doesn't work. we have known that. and now we are doing foreign aid and intervention which is the worst of all worlds from a taxpayer perspective. >>neil: good money after bad. always a pleasure, dan, from miami. and now more fire is held over libya including parts of tripoli. and steve harrigan in tripoli with the latest. steve? >>reporter: two times in the past 40 minutes we heard incoming explosions and outgoing anti-aircraft fire. the attacks likely coming from coalition fighter jets. they have complete control of the sides now that qaddafi's antiaircraft systems are knocked out. the fire coming from the ground here likely to be from mobile systems, pretty much big guns on the back of pickup trucks and lard to hit fighter jets and as
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far as the no-fly zone, a french jet destroyed a libyan plane, the first violation of that no-fly zone by the libyan fighter brought down by an air to surface missile. and, finally, a test case in the fighting on the ground: can the rebels advance against muammar qaddafi forces? the budget is being future around the city of ajdabiya and the number of rebels are growing. there are machine guns and more, and the numbers are growing because they having in to fear from the skies with muammar qaddafi's air force neutralized by the war planes and the no-fly zone. >>neil: thank you, steve from tripoli. this story is getting bigger and costlier by the moment. and that is why we are back here live saturday at 10:00 a.m. eastern with our special coverage "the cost of the clash," we have the likes of conservative radio talk show star and constitutional lawyer, his take on the president's decision to bomb libya might
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surprise you. and former secretary of state kissinger and former ambassador to the u.n., john bolton on why arab league nations need to step up and stop complaining and we have our regular cast of characters for "cost of freedom," and we have not forgotten our fans or our regular fans just want to get a sense of how all of this connects this weekend, third straight weekend to guide you through all of this. governments are cutting, and unions are slashing and clashing. politicians are still holding firm in the face of massive protests. will this spell trouble for unions here? and when is a war not a war? [ male announcer ] escape convention. introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new
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>>neil: in belgium, the chocolate is lot and the rage is hotter. the european union leaders say they have 20,000 protesters strong, enough with austerity son sense and enough with the cuts and which is a day after portugal's parliament rejected the tough measures the prime minister said were necessary to get back on track. now he is gone. and the e.u. parliament member is here. daniel i understand we almost lost you. >>guest: that is normal from brussels. >>neil: this was big, 20,000 strong. who are these people? >>guest: well, if you ever try and make any cuts people get very possessive. and the argument now, portugal will need a bail out of, maybe
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$70 billion or maybe $100 billion and the argument is they are our friends, and, by the way, the portugese are our friends the only people we have enough had a war with but you do not help an indebted friend by pressing more loans on them. >>neil: you think the austerity measures that were forced on portugal were simply too much and it was no surprise the parliament there rejected it. >>guest: it is not the spending cuts that are too much. they are necessary. but what is now happening is in order to rescue the euro the other countries of europe are being expected to pay into a common bailout fund as they had to do in greece and in ireland and my point is what is obviously bad for the countries paying into the fund, it is also bad for the recipients because the portugese are better off leaving the euro, devalue and
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now the money will go to europe but the money to pay off will come from the regular people. >>neil: which is the argument against germany forgiving more money or putting german money into the at this kitty. >>guest: we are committed, at least partly, exposed but we made the correct decision not to join the euro because the e.u. has made imaginative interpretation of a rule that said that there was a common fund for emergencies like earthquakes and floods and so son and this counts as one of those. so all of the member states including britain, sweden, denmark and the others, we are all liable to play our part in a portugese bailout as in ireland and in greece.
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>>neil: but you are pleading money and putting money into libya effort, and england, a leader, france a leader, italy a leader, but not so many of the arab league nations and none of them are participating in the air raids although they said they would. so, are you worried european has been hood winked? >>guest: well, i am worried we may have picked the wrong conflict and at the wrong time. look, muammar qaddafi has -- is as bad as you can get. he has repeatedly attacked us. a libyan murdered a police officer, and he funded the i.r.a. and responsible for the slaughter of your citizens and ours in lockerbie and we have had plenty of reasons to go after him. but, now, to be doing so for the u.n. ... that is a bizarre exchange of our national
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priorities in exchange for policing an international bureaucracy. >>neil: the british government, the french government, our government, are not calling this a "war," we will get into that later, but the goal has changed from what we thought was removed muammar qaddafi, if not targeting and killing him, to, well it is okay if he stays in power. what do you make of that? >>guest: bizarre. that is what the u.n. resolution said. and it is what, i don't know how the debate is playing out. but, here, the argument in favor of intervention is about we are carrying out u.n. resolution 1973 and it is incredibly high minded, but stop and think: what happens if you say that the u.n. security council gets to determine when you can and cannot fight, you are contracting out your foreign poll to russia and china and france. that is no morality, that is abdication of morality.
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>>neil: but we are a world group, does that worry you, we are like a global ... society. >>guest: you have to be careful what you do. i am glad when the chips are down the u.s. has been prepared to defend freedom and democracy and to carry the value to other continents. i am glad we it is today against nazi tyranny and the soviet menace on the big one as we got the call right. but it does not follow you have to pick up every cause in the world. there are some places where we are not the right people to do it and where, as you said, it would be more appropriate if the people who requested the intervention in the first place were the ones to carry it out. >>neil: there is a concepts. thank you for joining us. for critics ripping japan for the handling of mess wait until you see this, it should be
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enough to shut those guys up and the battle of libya heating up white the president and vice president ... they look detached. someone says these images, harmless though they may appear, harm. what can you do with plain white rice? when you pour chunky sirloin burger soup over it, you can do dinner. 4 minutes, around 4 bucks. campbell's chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.™
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>>neil: look at something, get which is the before? guess which is the after? there you have it. this reportedly took six days for them to fix. six days. now for those criticizing japan for its response to disasters, i don't about you, but ... in this country we have trouble filling potholes in a decade. this country dealing with hundreds every day burying bodies, and dealing with body
4:24 pm
parts and a nuclear disaster, and fixing roads, and dealing with loved ones who are missing or long gone, and we if this country are lecturing them about getting the job done! that would be like me walking into a fitness center and saying, "speed it up." all right there is the scene if libya, today, allies forces hitting the military targets in that country and taking out one of muammar qaddafi's jets and then these images, the president on that working vacation, in lat in america, and the vice president living it up. can you go too far? yes, you can. and on the heard level, does that send the wrong signal? >>guest: americans are very perceptive, we pick up on the little things so no matter how small they are we pick up on it, and the president was in a situation room when the bombings
4:25 pm
took place and seemed in control we would be looking at it differently. he probably knew going into it that it would be controversial on the left, with kucinich saying it is impeach am -- impeachable. >>neil: but he cut the trip short. >>guest: they must have realized it was a mistake and people are attuned to that more than ever in the presidency. 100 years ago it does not matter, 50 years ago it started to matter and today it is a big part of it. what are the images determines how we feel about the action. >>neil: is it more in line with the president when he called our men and women into large's way, to do so from the white house? does it make a difference? they can do this any where in the world? should he have done that?
4:26 pm
as john f. kennedy did, hunkered down in the white house, even the bay of pigs, what, what's the rule? >>guest: even with panama and bush and reagan and grenada, the unspoken rule you put men and women into harm's way, you want, you are the president, the commander, that is your commander in chief responsibility, which is sacred, and it helps to be in the situation room, in the white house, looking like --. >>neil: what about joe biden at spring training? >>guest: he get as free pass because people expect joe to be out this, doing things. frolicking ... i don't know i would counsel to frolic with the yankees, at least do it with the mets but it is an odd signal. >>neil: we talk about presidential style and we said during the break, things have changed over the years.
4:27 pm
you are saying that it is not necessarily the drama but looking like you are emotionally engaged. >>guest: there is a difference. the president got kudos during the campaign for being for drama obama, removed from the back and forth of politics. where people want more, particularly with president obama in oklahoma city, an emotional connection and president obama after 9/11 indignant and emotional, and we miss some of that and in tucson he started to do it and looked uncomfortable but it was more familiar to him. >>neil: what if this is who he is and he does not wheel -- cry up, but he is cool and stable. >>guest: but often the presidency is a visual office and you need to ben at times to the needs of the people on an
4:28 pm
emotional level. he can grow in that. he has not done a lot of it and there is a chance to do it more. >>neil: but the soccer thing? >> it show as lack of seriousness. >> even though he is in the poor section of town. >>guest: look, it is not as only better as we would expect when you commit to a foreign conflict. i think the white house will learn from this, i would be surprised if they didn't. >>neil: they are more than two years in. >>guest: they have to speed up the pace. and george bush did it with panama and reagan with grenada. you need to do that here. >>neil: another speech? >>guest: another speech. >>neil: to japan, now, and the food fear. if it comes from there, it certainly is not coming here, the government has said it, so, why are prices here spiking already? because of this?
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>>neil: to japan where pan, buying is clearing bottles of water from the shelfs and forcing owners to ration products, after that, folks say the water is safe but the japanese are not taking chances and neither is the military, which is testing water at japanese naval bases continue times a day. and dominic is in osaka with the
4:33 pm
latest. >>guest: we hear from the military they have been differenting, once a day prior to that and now many more times as a result of what is going on at fukushima and we hear that the water level, the safety level of the water is to u.s. standards, so that is safe on the basis of the moment but the military is taking no chances and evacuated military families from bases in japan and we hear it is put on charter flights and flying people back to denver and colorado and to seattle, up in washington state, and also to the air force base in california not tells us how many flights or how many people but the people will be arriving on thursday, u.s. time, and it is friday morning here. so, the people are on their way, something of an evacuation on -- if place. and store owners are handing out one bottle of water each, and the government is holding out 18 ounces of battle to family with
4:34 pm
kids because people are concerned about contamination in the tap water, but labels are well below, rather, the levels are below safety levels compared to wednesday. it is starting a panic among the people and we hear of people leaving the city, now, particularly pregnant women, who are conditioned about their unborn infants being contaminated. and we are not sure what about the people who left the city already. >>neil: in the meantime the success blocking food from areas near the leaking nuclear reactor if japan, and my guest says that means we are going to have to fork over a lot more for food. with me moscow to explain that is the president of a financial group. that means a lot more? >>guest: a lot more. the prices for the food has been going up over the last two years and now, suddenly, that supply
4:35 pm
is decreasing although the u.s. gets 5 percent of the food supply from japan, it is still enough that it is putting a pressure on the food suppliers and grocers that are reeling, so what can they do? they are going to be forced to raise prices or shrink the boxes so we are paying more, once again, to feed our families. >>neil: but japan effect, less than 4 percent, i am told, of food products in the center are coming from japan, so, i can understand the fear that would were what, but, are some of the guys milking it? >>guest: absolutely, it happens if a lot different industries. they are reeling. think of tuna, when you sit down for tuna, you will pay more, a lot of tuna comes from --. >>neil: but they must be looking for price gouging, right? >>guest: it is difficult to find that if you think about it because the producers can come back and say, learn, wheat is
4:36 pm
over 100 percent in the last two years and our prices have not gone un100 percent so they do have an argument for pushing up prices. is it ethical? no. is it legal? yes. >>neil: you follow the numbers than most, the inflation rate, bernanke said it is contained, contained, do not worry but it leave out food and energy prices and you focus on the core rate, you are starting to talk trouble, right? >>guest: if you leave out food, and in february up 3.9 percent, that is a very big increase, and it may not sound like a lot but if that continues each month that is less money we will spend on other goods and products such as clothing, and then what happens, it trickles to the economy, and economy suddenly slows and the retailers leave people off and unemployment increases and it is a dramatic circle that can lead to the end of the bull market and the strong which we have had. >>neil: but if the market were
4:37 pm
worried, and we are up 85 points or close on the big board, they do not seem too perplexed. >>guest: the inflation that bernanke ignores, is that big cloud that hangs over the market, in my mind. without that, things look good. the economy is still strong in america. but --. >>neil: that has not --. >>guest: people are ignoring it. everything will cost more, so that is less money for other products and it will but the a damper on this economy and could take the bull market and stop it immediately and we could see hyper inflation close to 7 percent or 8 percent and it will destroy the u.s. economy. >>neil: on that happy note, you have been a good read on the market trends and i hope you are wrong on this particular one. and if it looks like a war, and sounds like a war, why won't the white house say we are at war in
4:38 pm
libya? karl rove on that. after thisco. host: do dogs chase cats? ♪ 70's era music sfx: tires squealing ♪ 70's era music sfx: tires squealing vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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call or click today. >> this is a very specific military action. >> to protect civilians. >> to get humanitarian assistance to the people of libya. >> we are bringing a unique set of capabilities --. >>neil: did you hear "war," in the descriptions? i didn't. no one in the obama administration will say we are at war with libya. i am hearing the same from europe. so if we are not at war, then ... what is it? what are we? karl rove joins me. what do you make of this? >>guest: well, the great communicator of president obama has been incoherent at best on there and the great message machine that the obama administration or the obama campaign gained a reputation for has turned into babbling voices.
4:42 pm
one day, we will remove muammar qaddafi, and the next day we will not, and when day, we are no-fly zone and then, it is protect the humanitarian assistance and next ... it is in coherent and the president is undermining his confidence and support for action. >>neil: is there a risk in saying something that blunt, we are here to take out qadhafi and if you don't you failed the mission but this way you keep it nebulous? >>reporter: he has said muammar qaddafi must go, when the presidential said that on february 28 and repeated it on 2nd of march and 3rd of march he was saying he must go. people do not take that as informed observation of a pundit, they looked at it as the president of the united states declaring the policy of the united states. >>neil: but he did not extend that to the air campaign. the goal became suddenly not
4:43 pm
necessarily taking him out or killing him or side lining him but he could stay in office. >>guest: well, if that happens, the prestige and credibility of the united states is undermined and it will create grave dangers to the united states in the future and allies will say we cannot depend on him. that guy is sick and adversaries will say their word means nothing. remember how much osama bin laden took from the withdrawal by ronald reagan who was a tough guy, of the u.s. marines from lebanon in 1983. he took a lot of confidence out of that and saw the united states as a paper tiger. what happens if president obama who has a reputation around the world among our allies as being a weak leader, simply adds to it by saying something and not making it happen. >>neil: but what if that is the goal, you reverse it and i have thought of this, which is dangerous, if the goal is to say, i don't want to ring lead there and yes i prefer to
4:44 pm
announce american participation in this when i am traveling abroad because i don't want to ring lead there and i want this to be an international effort and not showboat the u.s. pulling sort of like a president bush. what do you make of that? >>guest: i would have a slightly different but complement review. the president did not give a national address and was content to go on the foreign trip and address this in a news conference in brazil in order to down play it, in order not to say we are taking military action, if order to down play the importance of this and the intensity. >>neil: but you cannot down play military intervention. >>guest: you can't but i am trying to give you a logical explanation. you are right, you can't. and the president's decisions were terrible and there is always ten, there were times in the bush white house we lad to discuss, should we cancel a foreign trip and it is difficult to do so having once committed but to me there is a bigger question of this particular trip
4:45 pm
at this particular time in that, you step back, beyond libya, and this decision for this trip was made months ago, did someone sit down and say why do you need to go to these cups and what is it like with regard to the budget at that point because we don't see an end soon on the budget deal. they went to brazil, to celebrate the anniversary of the free trade agreement, this is a president who will not send the panama or colombia free trade agreement and he is celebrating president bush's achievement and citing a free trade agreement with chile? what was that about? >>neil: and the locked door at the white house, you worked at white house, i wanted your take on this, he could not get in the oval office. when the president comes home from a trip are all doors supposed to be open. do you know? >>guest: that door that leads into out are office where the to assistants, literally that door is behind a desk, and normally there is a person's chair 2' inside the chair.
4:46 pm
>>neil: where was that person? >>guest: well, he was probably attending to his duties not looking out the window, watching the president arrive. i don't know where they were. but there is normally a secret service guy with a key ready to unlock a door and the president did not want him in the shot as he dramatically walked into the oval office. >>neil: i wonder what happened. the door was locked. china. >>guest: secret s.u.v. -- secret service was in charge. >>neil: these are the moments i live for. karl rove good to see you. >>guest: that is sad. sad. you need a bigger, broader life. >>neil: you are right, i don't have a life the video clips i watch all day in a loop. good to see you, buddy. from the badger state to brussels, unions slamming cuts but where are the guys pushing for them?
4:47 pm
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in until union protesters slamming cuts over there days after thousands of union workers protesting offer here. what about these protesters? my guest signing on to a pac with tea party ties. there is life after controversial defeat? >>guest: well we are moving forward. western pac, western representation pac is an up and coming tea party pac and it will be engaged in 2012 probably this year and we are absolutely beginning to advance the tea party agenda. >>neil: who is advancing? the sheriff in arizona, and who else? >>guest: actually, that is tonight with the tea party express and sheriff joe will be there, joe the plumber will be
4:51 pm
there raising money for --. >>neil: do you have to be named gentleman to show up? >>guest: anyone that wants to show up can come as long as they have a check book and are willing to invest in defeating obama in 2012. >>neil: you don't think the tea party least momentum, you get the sense they are not getting the emergency through on big cuts? >>guest: well, i think the tea party groups as a whole are still there, obviously, they are a majority, i believe but you have to consider the left has been organizing for, what, decades, probably 100 years and they have the advantage of time, and the advantage of compulsory union dues and their own financial source to generate the movements, and the tea party itself is absolutely during election year cycles will be heard and i believe another reason woe see what we are seeing is because the very direct impact the union members perceive that the changes are
4:52 pm
having. do not count the tea party out. because it is there. it is only two years old. and it has done a lot. >>neil: thank you very much. sorry we are pressed for time. we will have more including your response to the nasty responses. to help remove many dry stains as if they were fresh. so not even dad can ruin your style. ♪ body shaped like an hourglass ♪
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that's cool and al.. but it ain't my mone seriously do not care... so, you don't care what anyone says, you want to save this company money! that's exactly what i was sayi. hmmm... ority mail fat rate envelopesjust $4.95 only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. ♪ >> neil: well, you like it, you really like me. at least some of you like me, because after tuesday's blistering e-mail ripping everything from my voice to my interruptions, more than a few of you interrupting your day-to-day routine to let me know the critics. we too far. from maryland -- and kara in rochester, new york -- >> neil: well, cara, that did not help. and the view they're said i
4:56 pm
sounded like i swallowed a cat and looked like i swallow a call, carlean writes -- >> neil: hope in san antonio says don't listen to them, they're just gellous of your -- jealous of your intellect. if you ran for president, you'd probably win. so there. patty in new york writes -- hmm, you might be on to something there. and marty in virginia says, "you mentioned the camera adds 50 pounds to your appearance. how many cameras are on you?" that's very petty. d.j. in florida -- kimberly in new york -- yelena in connecticut --
4:57 pm
>> neil: if you only knew. if you only knew! rose in new jersey -- dale in connecticut bursts my bubble here. >> neil: sadly, shallow i was back then i would have said no and let you down gently and you were decline number three. don't you remember? pam in north carolina -- >> neil: diane in philadelphia --
4:58 pm
>> neil: oh, diane, you make this face blush. marsha in minnesota -- >> neil: that is why shep is so jealous. we have jeff in cape cod -- terry says --
4:59 pm
>> neil: thank you, karen, i think. finally from sandy and bob in north carolina -- >> neil: you know, that's true. i'm going on his show tomorrow morning to straighten this out. he's jealous of me. it's over the top. this saturday, talking about being on again and again, 10:00 eastern time we're back here live for special cost of freedom. we have mark levin, the conservative constitutional lawyer tells why the president's decision to bomb libya is legal. crazy. and henry kissinger tells us how the bombings may backfire. former ambassador john ballton tells us about demanding the no-fly zone. many more big name with the regular business shows. we have not forgotten the


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